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I use RSS readers to scan many blogs daily.

What is RSS and Why It Deserves a Try

A bit of explanation for RSS newbies: RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication and means a web-based technology of delivering news of various kinds from their sources directly to the users, in the form of a simple feed – that’s it!

You can use an RSS reader of your choice to subscribe to your favourite sites, blogs, job listing portals, online shops, etc, and thus get all their news collected in one place. That would help you to keep abreast of the latest events, hot deals, digital media updates, and fresh articles without actually visiting all those websites one-by-one.

How to subscribe? It’s a cakewalk: there might be an orange button with a text suggesting that you ‘subscribe via RSS’ on a site, but most of feed reading tools can automatically check a website to see if it syndicates an RSS channel and then you can go on by adding it to the subscriptions.

Why Social Media can never replace RSS

Today more people than ever get news from social networks and that might be an issue: the content of social media feed heavily depends on our (and our friends’) reactions and votes (i.e. likes, shares, reposts, etc), which is not bad at all, but it may lead to formation of so called ‘echo chambers’ keeping us within a narrowed and manipulated scope of interests, so it seems that we started to miss a lot at this point. Unlike most of the social networks, RSS does not include any mechanism that can automatically promote, filter or ‘micro-target’ certain content at a specific user according to trending opinions or his\her recent actions, location, and personal preferences.

RSS technology can boast of a few strong advantages over the social media (as a news source, of course), making it a favourable choice for users who still appreciate their personal freedom of choice:

  • No ads or promoted content mixed into your newsfeed.
  • No personal data tracking or questionable censorship policies.
  • No deceptive SMM strategies or shady inner algorithms trying to take advantage of your attention.
  • No issues with sudden account bans, fake users or dishonest reports.

Let us be clear: the point of social media is to create a safe environment for people to communicate (and they are pretty great at it), while RSS is a rather simple way to control the incoming flow of information and build a news digest with your own rules.

Once you decide to give RSS a try, it won’t take long to realize the benefits: you may save so much precious time and nerves by getting rid of all those useless content, rubbish clickbait, and annoying ads that are flooding the social media. With the help of feed readers (aka RSS aggregators) you can manage your news feeds wisely and focus on things that really matter.

Top 7 Free Online RSS Readers

I use Feedly, The Old Reader, Digg Reader,  Innoreader

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